Cut Up / Cut Out Audio Tour

On exhibit June 26 – August 23, 2020

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Misc. Military interviews

MassMu: In the Past Podcast

"Moniker: Identity Lost & Found" exhibit

Audio Descriptive Tour

Businesses in Massillon

Interviews with business leaders, or employees who speak about their employment

Steel Industry in Stark County

As a part of the Museum's 2004 exhibit "Framework of a Community: The Steel Industry in Stark County," staff members conducted interviews with current and former employees of steel companies in the area.

Massillon Tiger Swing Band recordings

African-American experience in Massillon

Coal Mining in Massillon

Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing

The Massillon Museum is committed to preserving the 76-year history of the Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing, and the legacy it leaves in the dedicated workforce of active and retired nurses who served this city.  As the proud stewards of the School of Nursing collections that were donated in 1986, the Museum is committed to interpreting this history in the form of exhibitions, and presenting virtual resources like the audio and video recordings, photographs and archives you can view on our website. 

The Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing collection was mainly donated to the Massillon Museum in 1986 (when the school closed) and includes uniforms, medical equipment, teaching models and tools, yearbooks, photographs, textbooks, and more. 

Please enjoy these digitized archives from that collection. We continue to digitize the collection and will add resources as they become available.

Virtual archives:

A Century of Service: Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing: 1910-1986

View the entire virtual archive of photographs from the Massillon School of Nursing collection.

Massillon City Hospital

Massillon City Hospital opened its doors in 1910, and today we know it as Affinity Medical Center. View photos of the building from inception to the 1970s.

Virtual Audio Archive:

The audio files below were transferred from reel to reel audio tapes in possession of the MCH School of Nursing Alumni.

Massillon History

The Massillon Museum has over 300 oral histories in its possession, many having been conducted by staff since the 1970s. Hear stories of living in Massillon from the early 1900s to the present.

World War II

Many of these oral histories were taken in the 1980s and 1990s, and several others were recorded in 2008 as part of the Massillon Museum exhibit "Greatest Generation." These interviews were then used for accompanying video segments on the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The 1930s video may be seen on Youtube.

MassMu Collection Highlight

At this time the collection encompasses approximately 100,000 objects. The largest collections in the Massillon Museum are photographs, household artifacts, costumes, china, glass, pottery and circus memorabilia.
Hear descriptions of the highlights of the Massillon Museum's collection.

Immel Circus

The Immel Circus is one of the most interesting “pieces” in the collection of the Massillon Museum. The 100-square foot miniature circus contains 2,620 pieces: thirty-six elephants, 186 horses, 102 assorted animals, ninety-one wagons, seven tents, and 2,207 people. Listen to different interviews and hear Dr. Immel describe his circus.

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