MassMu Events & Education

March 2016

Mar 31

Day 8: The caterpillars are growing by leaps and bounds!

You may be surprised that this busy little caterpillar with a fuzzy body and lots of legs will become a painted lady butterfly! The painted lady butterfly is said to be the most widespread butterfly in the world.  Unlike alot of butterflies, these are not an endangered species, because they occur in North and South America, Europe, Asia and...
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Mar 30

Guatemalan Carpet Art

Alfombras de aserrín, or “sawdust carpets,” are typically made during Holy Week to celebrate Easter in Guatemala.  Large sawdust carpets require many people working long hours to create intricate patterns using brightly colored sawdust.  Meant to be temporary artworks, Alfombras are walked on during the Easter...
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Mar 29

Day 6: 10 Little Caterpillars Aren't So Little Anymore!

The caterpillars were especially active today, and one had crawled to the top of the cup!  There is a great deal of webbing toward the bottom of the cup, as you can see; this acts as a type of protection for catepillars, allowing them to stick to plants, which prevents them from blowing off leaves.  The sticky webbing also allows the...
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Mar 28

Butterfly Blog

In recognition of the Massillon Museum's ninth-annual NEA Big Read, celebrating Julia Alvarez's novel, "In the Time of the Butterflies," we are providing an opportunity for the community to witness the magical transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!  10 tiny caterpillars were delivered to the Museum on March 24 in two little...
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