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Artful Living and Learning

Program Overview:

Artful Living and Learning is an early childhood education program that immerses preschoolers in fine arts through standards-based lessons in visual arts, literacy, music, drama, and dance for 25 weeks. Early exposure to fine arts stimulates creativity and leads to improved academic achievement. A family improvement component helps parents improve the health of their families and reinforces the arts in the home. Research is an important program component in proving program effacacy and in acquiring funding. Recent studies have demonstrated significant improvement in academic achievement. Founded at the Massillon Museum and first implemented in one preschool class in Massillon City Schools, the Program currently impacts one-thousand-three-hundred preschoolers weekly throughout Stark and Carroll Counties. Artful Living and Learning is intended to be a replicable model for stimulating creativity in children, improving academic achievement, and integrating the arts into core curriculum.

Program designers and administrators firmly believe that among the greatest powers of the Earth is human creativity; among the greatest tragedies is a child who has not been introduced to his/her creative potential. Artful Living and Learning is in its thirteenth year of introducing early learners and children with disabilities to their creative potential. 

In the 2019-2020 school year, Artful Living and Learning:

  • Provided 4 arts lessons weekly in 12 preschool classes in Massillon Schools
  • Provided 4 arts lessons weekly in 16 classes in Canton City Schools
  • Provided 4 arts lessons weekly in the 52 classes of the Stark County Integrated Preschool (SCIP) program in 11 local districts in the county
  • Provided 3 arts weekly in 5 classes at the Canton YWCA and the JRC Learning Center
  • Impacted more than 1,800 preschool children each week

Now in its 13th year of operation in 2020-2021, Artful Living and Learning:

  • Is providing 70 lessons in drama, music, visual art, and dance led by 22 talented teaching artists
  • Is offering these lessons in an adapted, virtual format in response to COVID-19 

Ten Stark County community and arts organizations collaborate with the Massillon Museum in the operation of the Program, including:

  • Massillon Public Library
  • Boys and Girls Club of Massillon
  • Massillon City Schools
  • Canton Museum of Art
  • Canton Ballet
  • Canton Symphony Orchestra
  • ArtsinStark
  • Canton City School District
  • Stark County Educational Service Center

Our goal is to use Artful Living and Learning as a template to be replicated in school districts across Ohio and beyond. Artful Living and Learning is introducing children to their creative potential and is awakening an awareness of beauty and of the arts they may otherwise never experience.

Children learn that they have the ability to create something that does not already exist. Immersion in the arts enhances vision and creativity, increases academic performance, and stimulates leadership characteristics.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
-William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Program Contact, Massillon Museum:

Chris Craft,
Program Co-Founder and Consultant
email Chris Craft

Feature: Artful Living & Learning 2017:


2010 MassMu Documentary of the Artful Living Project:

Program Summary

The Artful Living Program stimulates children to realize that they have the ability to create something that does not already exist.

  • Studies show a link between arts and leadership. Both are founded on vision and creativity.
  • The Artful Living Program was created to immerse developing minds in the fine arts to enhance vision and creativity.
  • The program involves parents in their children’s creative and academic development.
  • Artful Living and Learning provides a uniting collaboration among community organizations and the public schools.
  • The program is replicable for other school districts.

Sponsor Artful Living and Learning:

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If you have questions, contact:

Christopher Craft
Program Co-Founder and Consultant
330-833-4061 x 109
email Chris Craft

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Phase I: Classroom Immersion

The earlier “effective nurture” is applied, the more effective it will be. This is why Artful Living and Learning chose preschoolers as its audience.

Artful Living and Learning:

  • Fine arts immersion reinforces creativity over an extended period of time.
  • Arts providers’ lessons reinforce teachers’ daily lesson plans and meet state educational standards.
  • Parents receive a weekly plan of the arts classes their children will experience.
  • Lessons are taught by professionally trained artists.
  • The program can be easily replicated in other schools.

    The program in the Massillon City preschool includes daily lessons in one of these fine arts: visual arts, literature, music, or dance. The response from teachers, parents, administrators, and observers for this phase of the Program has been enthusiastic.

Phase II: Family Environment

Children spend more time at home than they do at school. In order to enhance children’s exposure to the arts, Artful Living and Learning has invited families to participate in the program outside of the school environment.

Artful Living and Learning:

  • Hosts regularly scheduled family meetings.
  • Offers art classes for all children in the family.
  • Presents helpful information for parents on topics of wellness, nutrition, local social services, and more.
  • Provides art supplies to all children in the family to use at home.

This component invites the parents to become involved in their children’s education and creativity in a non-threatening environment.

Phase III: Research

Artful Living and Learning (ALL):

  • Has created a tracking process for measuring achievement throughout the students’ academic careers.
  • Creates a basis for establishing standards for early childhood development.
  • Evaluates each child with nationally-recognized test: Young Children's Achievement Test (YCAT) and Teaching Creativity in Action and Movement (TCAM).
  • Has engaged the Stark Education Partnership for research analysis. 
  • Results of the pre-test/post-test Assessment from 2012-13 demonstrated significant academic improvement in preschool children experiencing ALL when compared to preschool children not experiencing ALL, from a school system of similar demographic make-up as that of the experimental group.  Pre-test/post-test research will be repeated during school periodically.
  • During 2014-15, and 2016-17, longitudinal research looked at Massillon fourth grade students. Data on grade-point average, and standardized test results, was collected from students impacted by ALL in preschool and compared to similar data of non-ALL students. Results proved positive in nine of twelve areas tested, in 2014-15, and in all areas tested in 2016-17.


  • Massillon Public Library
  • Boys and Girls Club of Massillon
  • Massillon City Schools
  • Massillon Museum
  • Canton Museum of Art
  • Canton Ballet
  • Canton Symphony Orchestra
  • ArtsinStark
  • Canton City School District
  • Stark County Educational Service Center

Advisory Board:

Kris Blair, Massillon City Schools

Christopher Craft, Massillon Museum

Erica Emerson, Canton Museum of Art

Laurie Gemberling, Canton YWCA

Dr. Geri Grove, Student Support Team 9 Consultant

Rachel Hagemeier, Canton Symphony Orchestra

Thomas Horwood, ICF

Kim Kingsbury, Canton City School District

Michelle Nervo, Stark County ESC

Tom Piccari, Stark County ESC

Dr. Teresa Purses, Stark Educational Partnership

Stephanie Toole, Massillon Museum


Administrative Team:

Gail Martino, Program Director

Marti Livingstone, Program Coordinator



First Merit Foundation
Ohio Arts Council
The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
The Massillon Rotary Foundation
The Charity Rotch School of Kendal Foundation
Private Donors
Wilbur Arnold Memorial Fund
The Aultman Foundation
PNC Foundation
The Peter and Judith Schurman Fund, Stark Community Foundation

Massillon Walmart
Massillon City Schools
Canton City School District
Stark Community Foundation
Gessner Family Foundation
Paul and Carol David Foundation

Program Contact, Massillon Museum:

Chris Craft,
Co-Founder and Program Consultant
email Chris Craft


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