Day 23: Butterfly Release

By Day 23 during their stay at the Massillon Museum, all 10 painted lady butterflies had emerged, patterned and beautiful with wings flapping.  Nancy Gessner of MCTV, Inc., and April Olsen, Education and Outreach Coordinator, joined with Brandon Rohrer, Guest Operations Associate in releasing the 10 little butterflies on a sunny April afternoon.  Brandon said, "For me, the butterfly release was very reflective and had an introspective feeling. April's hard work with the Big Read was much like the life cycle of the butterflies. It started small and grew and grew into a something "Big" and beautiful. "  The Massillon Museum was honored to host the transformation of these incredible and resilient creatures in celebration of the NEA Big Read, and Julia Alvarez's book, "In the Time of the Butterflies."  We thank, especially, Nancy Gessner for her vision and generosity in bringing the butterfly life cycle to the Museum.  This will surely be among the most special Big Read experiences in the Museum's history of holding the program. 


April Olsen, Scuppers, and Nancy Gessner bring the butterflies outside for the release!  Scuppers was a little too interested in the butterflies...!




Tags: April Olsen, Nancy Gessner, Massillon Museum, NEA Big Read, Big Read, Julia Alvarez, In the Time of the Butterflies, painted lady, butterfly release, butterfly
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