Day 19: Butterflies have hatched!

A beautiful thing happened today:  three butterflies hatched from their cocoons!  At the Museum staff's morning check in, we observed that one of the butterflies had in fact emerged from the chrysalis stage.  We were thrilled to see how our little baby caterpillar had transformed into such a beautiful adult painted lady butterfly.  Its wings were visibly wet and sort of crimped, which is normal.  We knew it was time to make food available for the butterflies, as they are hungry creatures and need access to things that mimic food found in nature, like flowers or fruit.  Our guest operations associate, Brandon Rohrer, prepared food for the new butterfly - apples soaked in sugar water.  When he placed the food inside the mesh butterfly habitat about lunchtime, he discovered that two more butterflies had hatched!  It was an exciting day at the Museum, witnessing the transformation we had been anticipating the past few weeks.  The butterflies need warm weather of at least 55 degrees in order to be released; the forecast for this week looks promising!  So, visit the painted ladies while you can as some may be released as early as Wednesday or Thursday!  Photo courtesy of Mandy Pond

Tags: painted lady butterflies, butterflies hatched, The Big Read, NEA Big Read, In the Time of the Butterflies, Massillon Museum, butterflies, butterfly
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