Day 13 - Hanging out!

Museum staff came to work Tuesday morning to find that all 10 caterpillars had become completely encased in their coccoons and had entered the chrysallis stage!  Cup 2 is pictured below.  While we are uncertain how the two that had fallen in Cup 1 will respond when transferred to the butterfly habitat, or whether they survived the fall, we will remain optimistic and gingerly move them on Wednesday. 

Did you know that, once emerged from their chrysalides as butterflies, the life span of a painted lady is only about two weeks?  In spite of this short life cycle, the painted ladies make it their job to migrate, in an effort to continue spawning and making more butterflies, which helps encourage plant life they depend on to survive, which in turn benefits the entire ecosystem.  So, although each butterfly only lives for a very short period of time, it is a vital part of maintaining a healthy planet.  For more interesting facts about the painted lady, visit

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