Day 12: Mighty Morphing Butterflies!

After a restful weekend at MassMu, most of the caterpillars have entered the chrysalis stage and are hanging from the tops of the cups.  Eight of the caterpillars have become chrysalides; two are in the process of hardening.  Two of the chrysalides have fallen from the top of a cup, as you can see in ,left photo below.  Museum staff will carefully place them at the bottom of the butterfly habitat--to where all the chrysalids will be transferred mid-week--with the hopes that the fallen ones will survive this process.  During this stage, the chrysalids will start to harden, and will eventually become almost transparent when the butterfly is about to emerge.

Tags: The Big Read, Julia Alvarez, caterpillar, Painted Lady Butterfly, Butterfly Blog, In the Time of the Butterflies, butterflies, butterfly
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