Past Exhibits: 2008

2008 Exhibitions

1st Floor Main Gallery

In the Garden
February 2 - April 20, 2008
Celebration in Art
May 4 - May 25, 2008
Eclectic, Everyday, Elegant:
the Massillon Museum Celebrates 75 Years
June 7 - September 14, 2008
Rooted in Tradition:
Art Quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
October 2 - November 30, 2008
Stark County Artists Exhibition
December 13, 2008 - January 24, 2009



Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
August 4, 2007 - June 29, 2008


2nd Floor Permanent Collection Galleries

Paul Brown
(September 7, 1908 – August 5, 1991)

The materials on display in the Sports Gallery relating to Paul Brown have come to us on loan from the Massillon Tiger Football Museum.  They were recently donated to the Massillon Tiger Football Museum by Mary Brown, Paul Brown’s widow.  Their exhibition in the Massillon Museum is the first time these materials have ever been displayed.  The small-scale exhibit serves as a glimpse into the personal life and career of legendary coach Paul Brown.  On display are some of his coats, childhood photographs, and even one of his signature hats that characterized him in later years. 
Paul Brown is known as the “father of the modern offense,” having exhibited outstanding and innovative coaching skills at all levels of football ranks – from high school to professional.  His legendary status began with his leadership of the Massillon Tigers (1932-40).  During this time, he led the Tigers to win six state championships and 4 national championships.  The artifacts in this gallery reflect his own experiences as a football player, as well as his coaching experiences with the Great Lakes Ohio State, Massillon Tigers, Browns, and Bengals teams. 
For more information on Paul Brown and Washington High School’s Massillon Tigers, visit the website maintained by the Massillon Tigers Football Booster Club:

Laurie Addis: Contemporary Weavings Inspired by the Massillon Museum's Kashmir Shawl
March 1 - May 11, 2008
Opening Reception with the artist Saturday, March 1 from 3:00-5:00pm

Laurie Addis' work for this show is based on a shawl in the permanent collection of the Massillon Museum.

Laurie Addis is a painter and weaver. Her interests are in digital Jacquard weaving and the process of subverting making by repetition. In her current work, fragments of flower imagery, re-workings of Weaver's Guild designs, non-repeating mathematical systems and systematic dyeing errors are literally woven into an optical mix.

Laurie was born in Northern Ireland. After graduation from Queens University Belfast with a degree in English, she relocated to England to work for several years as an archaeological ceramics researcher and illustrator at Durham University. She was awarded a B.A. (Hons.) painting, Newcastle polytechnic, 1983, and a M.A. painting, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, 1986. Laurie relocated to the United States in 1990s. She held the full-time Visiting Artist position at Syracuse University, New York, from 1991-2, returning to England to teach painting full-time at Bradford College of Art and Design, 1992-6. She has also lived and worked in St. Louis, MO, and Newark, NJ before moving to Kent, OH, where she took the opportunity to study weaving with Janice Lessman-Moss. Laurie Addis's weavings have been exhibited in the U.S and in Europe. Her first solo exhibit of textiles was at Gallery 138, Kent, in 2003. In 2005 she participated in Northern Fiber 6: (wo)man & technology, at Kerava Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland, and The CAT show: Computer Aided Textiles at Hillsdale College, Michigan. She currently teaches drawing part-time at Kent State University, Ohio.

Paisley: Exploding the Teardrop
Below is more information about Addis' work that was recently exhibited in London.

BBC covers "Exploding the Teardrop

"Exploding the Teardrop" at The Pattern Lab

Shake, Shake, Shake:
The Doris Rohr Salt and Pepper Shaker Collection

Mrs. Rohr, a former Emerson Elementary School cook, donated her collection to the Massillon Museum in 1988.  Margy Vogt, who was the Museum's registrar at that time, remembers that Mrs. Rohr's dining room was surrounded by glass cabinets filled with the shakers.  "She toured us through the house, telling us stories about many of the sets...where she found them, who gave them to her, why they were special."  Four years later the Museum exhibited a large portion of the collection.

Jack London
April 2008
Sponsored by the NEA Big Read

75th Anniversary Exhibition
June 7 - September 14, 2008

Jean-Baptiste Massillon (1663-1742)

Eliza Duncan, who helped found the city of Massillon with her husband James in 1826, was the daughter of French immigrants and very well educated. She so admired Jean-Baptiste Massillon’s sermons that she chose to name the new settlement in Stark County after him. This gallery features Massillon's sermons, other artifacts, and photographs of Hyeres, France, where one can find Place Massillon, named for Jean-Baptiste Massillon.

Click here for more information on Jean-Baptiste Massillon

Greatest Generation

On display December 21, 2008 - April 5, 2009

“The Greatest Generation” exhibition, curated by Alexandra Nicholis and Christopher Craft, will open to the public on Sunday, December 21, 2008, and continue through February 5, 2009. Its photographs and artifacts will depict the 1930s pre-war period, the World War II years, and post-war America of the 1950s.

Massillon Museum Curator Alexandra Nicholis says: “In an age when people talk to one another less and less, with brevity of conversation resulting from emailing, text messaging, and busy schedules, the Museum saw a real need to capture the stories of individuals who helped shape this country over the past half-century. Chris Craft, Museum Assistant, had the idea to recognize this group of individuals as ‘The Greatest Generation.’ Through artifacts, clothing, photographs and oral histories, the Museum staff will attempt to represent the history of Massillon during the 1930s-50s, both from civilian and military perspectives.”

In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition, “The Greatest Generation,” Archivist Mandy Pond invites World War II veterans to record their memories for preservation in the Massillon Museum’s archives.

“Everyone in The Greatest Generation has a story to tell, from everyday activities to harrowing struggles,” Pond says. “We want to make sure that those stories are preserved for future generations to learn from and to enjoy.”

Veterans may call Pond at the Museum, 330-833-4061, to make an appointment. During the interview, she will ask questions, but particiants are invited to bring notes and introduce special stories that they wish to record. Bringing special photographs or objects to the meeting sometimes helps inspire meaningful dialogue. Each interviewee will receive one CD of the recorded conversation; another copy will be preserved by the Massillon Museum. All veterans are encouraged to participate at no charge.

Paul L. David Sports Gallery

Sports photographs, uniforms, and equipment show sports throughout the past century.

Curiosity Cabinet

See the "Pease Museum"- objects donated by Dr. Abraham Per Lee Pease. These items were the first objects on display at the Massillon Museum when it opened in 1933.

Pioneer Kitchen

Explore the kitchen of a pioneer family. This exhibit is based on the Massillon Museum's exhibit from the "old Museum" when we were housed alongside the Massillon Public Library.

Local History: Massillon and Museum Timeline

 Read all about Massillon history, Massillon Museum history, and world events on our 48-foot timeline. Dates and facts are supplemented by photographs and a free cell phone audio tour.

Native American Artifacts from the Permanent Collection

The Immel Circus Gallery
Don't forget about the Immel Circus!! It's always on display at the Massillon Museum. Click here for more about the Immel Circus.

Studio M

Liz DeBellis: “Domesticity As I See It”
January 18 – February 24, 2008

Brian Robinson
February 29 – April 6, 2008

Walsh University Digital Photojournalism Students
April 18 – May 25, 2008

Nan McAllister Ream
May 30 – July 6, 2008

Wizards of Watercolor
July 11 – August 17, 2008

Todd V.: “Larger than Life”
August 22 – September 28, 2008

Massillon Boys and Girls Club annual exhibit
October 2008

Massillon Relay for Life Photography Exhibit
November 7 – December 7, 2008

Michele Waalkes: "Next"
December 13, 2008 - January 18, 2009

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