City of Massillon: Fire Department

The fire department began as volunteer fire fighters with leather buckets, often filled from the canal or river by a line of men, or bucket brigade. In 1853, the city purchased a rotary hand engine made
by the Cataract Fire Pump Company, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On July 4, 1885, Massillon firemen
used their old Vigilant hand-pumper for a water stream competition held in Wooster, Ohio. From left to
right are Flaxie Miller, Fred Stryker, Harry Bergemier, Christian Baatz, Owen Miller. (MM, 76.12.2.)

Clement Russell served as first engine in the city of Massillon’s first fire department in 1853. The Massillon Fire Department second engine was James S. Kelley, third engine was Samuel F. Jones, and fourth engine was John D. Hofman.


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