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Years in Business Photographer name(s) Notes


Abel Fletcher

Inventor of the paper negative (calotype). Captured the earliest views of Massillon, Ohio, and its people.  His photographic career ended while he mixed chemicals, which exploded and blinded him in 1859.
For more information on Abel Fletcher, click here.

Some photographs preserved in the collection of the Massillon Museum, and many are preserved by the Seaver Center for Western History Research, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Click here for their Abel Fletcher Collection overview.

1859-1866 M.M. (Martha) Fletcher

When Abel was blinded, he taught his wife Martha to navigate the studio and the dark room.

When her health began to fail, William Wilson took over the studio.

1860 E. (Edward) Archbold
1865  Wertzbacher
c.1865-1900 Union Galleries
AKA Grossklaus, Ricksecker & Co.
187? S.M. Kirby
1876-1892 J. (Jacob) C. Haring
(MPL says 1900)
1876-1884 F. B. McConnell & Son
(Corner of Erie & Main)
1876-1959 L.L. Shertzer
(MPL shows 1886-1888)


Star Photographic Gallery  
1889-1900 Teeple’s Gallery (Also Trio Studios, both Theodore C. Teeple) located 1889-1891 in Warwick block.
Glass plate negatives in collection of Massillon Museum
1894-1928 L. (Louis) L. Volkmor
1895-1901 Clementz
E. (Edmund) Clementz
1898-1920 Becker Studio
(successor to J.C. Haring)
Father of Nell Becker Dorr, famous photographer
1898-1938 The Baltzly Company
Stanley Baltzly
MV says 1929-1938
Glass plate negatives in collection of Massillon Museum
1900-1940 Ritter Bros.
(Also Ritter Studio, Frank I. and James E. Ritter)
1915-1920 Frank Lonas
(later Lonas & Bair)
1915-1925 W.T. Pennington
1920-1923 Lonas & Bair
1925-1936 Bair Studio
(Leonard T. Bair, previous Lonas & Bair)
1923-1960 Massillon Studio
1923-1925 Guy St. John
(Successor to Becker Studio)
1926 Ziegler’s Studio
1927-1932 Russell Studio
1927-1936 M. (Marion) L. Weirich
1930 H.C. Young
1931-1940 The Baltzly Co. (processing)
photo processing in Baltzly Drug Store
1933-1940 E.J. (Edmund) Michael
1936-1966 Davis Studio (Clayton T. Davis)
Collection at the Massillon Museum
1936-1938 Fosston Studio
1936-1940 J.E. McLain Camera Shop
(John E. Jr.)
1940-1956 Rembrandt Studio
1942- present Weslin Studio
(MPL says until 1945)
1942-1945 Muir Photo Laboratories
(Muir Drug Store)
1945 Amherst Studio
1945-1950 Graham Camera Shop
1950-1952 E.P. Burhen
1956-1958 A.B. Duncan
(also listed as A.P. Duncan, MV says 1954)
1974-1975 Barclay- Walsh Filmmakers
1979-1987 Gallery Studio
1979-  Olan Mills
(in Kmart), 2600 Lincoln Way E, Massillon, OH 44646
1981- Tom Lazaroff
1981-1987 United Labs
1985 Bryan Corban Photography
1985 Captive Images
2001- present Tidwell’s Photography
50 N Erie St, Massillon, OH 44646
? – present Gallery Studio Designer Photography
2897 Aaronwood Ave NE, Massillon, OH 44646

Additional photographers with unknown dates:

Years in Business Photographer name(s) Notes
  United Studios of America (Dean Nelson)
c.1890s-1910s A.J. Miller MassMu glass plate negative collection
c.1890s-1910s George McCall MassMu glass plate negative collection
1890s-1910s William Bennett Mostly Navarre photographs
MassMu glass plate negative collection, prints

A note about sources:

Compiled by Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond, Margy Vogt, volunteer Charlie Buhecker, and Massillon Public Library Business and Industry Database, Massillon Museum clipping files, historic photographs, and city directory listings. Some listings differ, as noted next to photographer listings.

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