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"General" Jacob Coxey's March on Washington, 1894

Jacob Coxey had revolutionary ideas about currency and labor in his day. Coxey led the first protest march on Washington D.C. in 1894. This gallery shows photographs and materials related to that march. The Museum holds thousands of news clippings, pamphlets, letters, and family photographs from Coxey's political career and family.

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For more finding aids, pamphlets, and a documentary film, click here.

Flood Control Project 1939-1951

The city of Massillon flooded every year, with the worst floods occurring in 1904, 1913, and 1935. The Tuscarawas River took a natural course that curved into the downtown, which increased the reach of the flood.

In 1936, the Massillon Chamber of Commerce formed a committee to work on flood control, officially called the Massillon Conservancy District. The project consisted of moving the Tuscarawas River, moving the railroad tracks, and creating 3 new viaduct bridges.

The project began in 1939 and was finally completed in 1951, costing more than $10 million. The Tremont viaduct opened on October 8, 1948; the Lincoln Way viaduct opened on November 11, 1949, and the Cherry Road viaduct opened on September 14, 1951.

Digitized from the original Independent negatives.
From the collection of the Massillon Museum, gift of the Evening Independent (91.47)

Parades in Massillon

Throughout Massillon's history, parades have been held to celebrate holidays, historical commemorations, major achievements by the city, and sometimes to highlight local business.

Labor Day in Massillon, 1903

Scanned program for the Labor Day celebration in Massillon, Ohio in 1903. The pages show many photographs from many local businesses and unions, as well as advertisements from businesses of the day.

1898 Merchants Street Fair

The Massillon Board of Trade sponsored a spectacular Merchants' Street Fair in 1898 to feature local businesses. Many grocers, clothiers, manufacturers, and miscellaneous stores set up. There were side shows, performances, and raffles. Unfortunately a fire in several of the booths cut the celebration short.

These photographs were taken on glass plates as negatives by Stan Baltzly, an amateur photographer. The images were digitized by volunteer Mark Pitocco and Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond in 2015.

Contemporary Photographs of Massillon's WPA Projects By Photographer Ali Mercer

Intern and photographer Ali Mercer took 35mm film photographs of locations around Massillon where Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects took place in the 1930s and 1940s. Historic information included with each photo.

Robert Peet Skinner, Journey to Abyssinia: The Hidden Empire

This exhibit follows Massillon native Robert Peet Skinner's journey to Abyssinia in 1903, with the goal of signing a trade treaty. Skinner was accompanied by fellow Massillonians Horatio Wales and Dr. Abraham Per Lee Pease.

Additional Resources:
For full virtual scrapbooks you may also view online:

Additional Publications Online:
"Skinner in Ethiopia" by Hugues Fontaine

The 1903 Skinner Mission to Ethiopia and A Century of American-Ethiopian Relations, re-published 2003, by Robert Peet Skinner, Introduction by Ambassador David H. Shinn, preface by Ambassadora Aurelia E. Brazeal

"The 1903 Skinner Mission: Images of Ethiopia in the Progressive Era" by Amanda Kay McVety, Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.

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