Do the Mu

2021 Do the Mu Activities

February 6 Do the Mu: Iris Paper Folding Hearts with Michele Waalkes

Learn how to create iris paper folded hearts during February's Do the Mu and "Share the Love"! These dimensional hearts are easy to make and can be made into a card or framed. Join instructor Michele Waalkes for this all-ages art activity, which will be shared on the Massillon Museum's website, Facebook, and YouTube pages on Saturday, February 6, at noon.

What You'll Need:

-Masking tape
-One printed copy of pattern (printed copies will also be available at the MassMu front desk the week prior to this Do the Mu)
-One sheet of heavy paper (cardstock works well) to create a 4” x 6” card or paper sized to fit into a desired frame
-Three different colors of paper, or all the same color for a monochromatic heart (can be grocery bags, copy paper, book pages, or old scrapbook papers, whatever you have on hand!)

March 6 Do the Mu: Simple Embroidery with Sam Lilenfield

Join Canton-based artist and instructor Sam Lilenfield as she takes you through a simple embroidery project! This video will be shared at noon on Saturday, March 6, to MassMu's website, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

What You'll Need:

-Fabric (like cotton, muslin, or linen)
-6+ skeins of embroidery thread
-5-inch embroidery hoop
-Embroidery needle
-Fabric or tacky glue
-Pen or pencil
-One printed copy of pattern (copies will also available at the MassMu front desk in the week prior to this Do the Mu)



Previous 2021 Do the Mu Activities

January 2 Do the Mu: Pinhole Cameras with Aja Joi Grant

Aja Joi is a photographer working in Cleveland, highlighting some integral pieces and parts of life's journey on earth as a black woman. She studied Psychology and Art at CSU as well as photography and printmaking at CIA. Aja is currently teaching art and photography at the Cleveland Print Room and making work in her studio on Waterloo in Cleveland, Ohio. Join Aja for a pinhole camera Do the Mu!

Supply List:

  • 16 oz can (a larger can is fine, too—wide canned pineapple cans are ideal) 
  • Drill (to be used with adult supervision)
  • 3/8" drill bit
  • Small wooden block (to put inside the can to brace it for drilling) 
  • Matte black spray paint 
  • 2"x1.5" piece of aluminum foil (can be from a can for more sturdiness, or layered foil sheet)
  • Sewing needle 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Electric tape or black duct tape 
  • Scissors 
  • 120 film roll (for exposing)—This will not be part of the video because it needs to be loaded in complete darkness. 120 film rolls will be available for purchase at MassMu. Please inquire at the front desk or call 330-833-4061.

Develop your film locally:

Van's Camera
4920 Whipple Ave NW
Canton, Ohio, 44718
(330) 493-3534
Van's Camera on Facebook

Dodd Camera, several Northeast Ohio locations
(216) 361-6800​​​​​​​
Dodd Camera on Facebook

How a Pinhole Camera Works

Kids National Geographic basics of pinhole camera

A pinhole camera is a type of camera obscura, which translates into "darkened room."  The inside of the camera is, essentially, a dark chamber, or room.  While a camera obscura's purpose was to reflect an image from reality onto a surface for the purpose of tracing it, a pinhole camera uses this same concept to reflect an image from reality onto chemically-treated paper or film.  A pinhole camera can be made from a number of household items, like an empty can or shoebox.  The pinhole functions like the lens in a real camera.  When light passes through the tiny hole, it creates an upside-down and backwards image.  If you were able to see inside the pinhole camera, you would see this upside down, backwards reflection of what the pinhole is facing on the inside wall of the can or box.  The illustration of the cat below shows how the pinhole camera operates.


Depending on the brightness/ time of day, Aja Joi Grant suggests experimenting with exposure times, and keeping track of different exposure times used. Pinhole photographs are an experimental process. She suggests this website.

Additional Resources:

Pinhole Basics (Frostburg State University)

Pinhole Camera Aperture Chart | Freestyle Photographic Supplies


Previous 2020 Do the Mu Activities

April 4 Do the Mu: Pointillism with Stephanie Toole

Join Education and Outreach Manager Stephanie Toole as you learn how to create your own pointillist piece. This Do the Mu is available for free on MassMu's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

What You'll Need:
- Paper of whatever size and thickness on which you would like to work
- Markers, colored pencils, paint, or whatever supplies you have at home
- Q-tips or paintbrushes if you will be using paint

*Note: The paper quilting Do the Mu activity with Barbara Grosvenor originally scheduled for April 4 will take place as part of the NEA Big Read kickoff. Please visit the NEA Big Read page for updates. 

May 2 Do the Mu: Family Trees with Gary Spangler

Create your own decorative family tree as part of the 2020 NEA Big Read.

Enjoy this online Do the Mu! Gary's instructions for how to complete your own family tree, family portrait, or self portrait can be found here.


June 6 Do the Mu: Paper Dolls with Kat Francis

Make your very own paper doll in conjunction with Cut Up/Cut Out in the Aultman Health Foundation Gallery!

An instructional video is available here featuring artist Kat Francis. Kits including instructions, a doll template, and brass fasteners are available for pickup from the Museum. Please call 330-833-4061 x104 to schedule pickup. Guests will need to provide their own scissors and coloring utensils!

Paper Doll Templates for Download: Boy Doll and Girl Doll

July 11 Do the Mu: Paper Fish Ponds with Gary Spangler

Create an imaginative fish pond in connection with Cut Up/Cut Out in the Aultman Health Foundation Gallery!

Click here for Gary's instructions for how to create a paper fish pond. You can also learn how to make an origami fish and an origami talking fish.

What You'll Need:

- Construction paper
- Copy paper
- Coloring utensils
- Scissors
- Glue


August 1 Do the Mu: Pop-Up Cards with Diane Boslett

Make pop-up cards in conjunction with Cut Up/Cut Out in the Aultman Health Foundation Gallery!

Watch this Do the Mu by clicking on the video below!

What You'll Need:

- Paper
- Coloring utensils
- Scissors
- Glue

September 5 Do the Mu: Three-Panel Comic Strips with Alex Strader

What type of pens and inks do professional comic artists use? Is there a specific type of paper? Why a blue pencil? Work alongside Northeast Ohio artist Alex Strader to create a short, three-panel comic strip based on an event in your life, with some traditional comic knowledge and trivia in between!

Watch this Do the Mu by clicking on the video below!

What you'll need:

- Paper
- Coloring utensils
- Eraser
- Ruler

October 3 Do the Mu: Jack-o'-Lanterns with Douglas Laubacher

Join cartoonist and educator Douglas Laubacher as he walks you through a Halloween-inspired art project during Do the Mu on Saturday, October 3! Use the power of contour lines to turn anything into a jack-o'-lantern. This all-ages, cartooning-inspired activity is sure to get you in the autumn spirit. Grab your pencil and paper and follow along! Click below to watch the video!

What you'll need:
- Paper
- Pencil

November 7 Do the Mu: Construction Paper Turkeys with Dawn Rohrer

Instructor Dawn Rohrer will guide you through a construction paper project where you will create your own turkey! Click below to watch the video.

What you'll need:

- Construction paper
- Coloring utensils
- Glue, tape, or a stapler
- Googly eyes

December 5 Do the Mu: Gingerbread-Themed Activity with Dawn Rohrer

Join instructor Dawn Rohrer as she takes you through a gingerbread-themed art activity! This Do the Mu will be shared to MassMu's website, Facebook, and YouTube pages in the coming days.

What you'll need:

- Toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or other cardboard tube
- Brown construction paper or felt and two other colors of construction paper or felt
- Markers, glue, and scissors

- Optional: gingerbread person cookie cutter; googly eyes; puffy paint


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